Expanding your Consultancy Business in Brazil

Wherever you are a small or medium company, an individual expert or a consultant seeking to enter or broaden your business in the Brazilian market, our team leverages a high level of local expertise, resources and networking capabilities in Brazil along with a broad range of external information resources to develop a comprehensive market entry plan and go further.

How can we help you:

Provide an Focused Outlook

An overview of the Brazilian market and environment, with focus on the desired to be developed business activity: Industry segments overlook, trends and characteristics, main players, competitive environment, entry barriers, regulatory environment overlook, market access.

Develop a Market Entry First Reach Plan for:

Consultants and Specialized Professionals looking to extend their business in Brazil.

Through the Market Entry First Reach Plan consultants will be able to understand how built an initial relationship with the market and establish first business contacts. Low cost market visibility actions and self sustained opportunities are explored to provide consultants expertise, solutions and services visibility to target prospects and aimed market segments.

The plan will explore sales and marketing synergy with potential local partners, technical and class associations, courses, seminars, local networks, social media and learning environment.

Plan will be customized to accommodate individual resources with planned objectives.

Required action:

Take your time now to send us a note providing a brief summary of your expertise field and business activities. Email: info@howwhoreach.com

A customized proposal, based on your input, will be forwarded shortly.

Now, once ready to go, we step into helping you establish the

             Go-To-Market First Reach implementation

First Reach implementation moves the agreed customized plan to action. Steps normally include:

  • Develop a market oriented set of the consultant profile, offered services and solutions;
  • Source potential partners and/or local support;
  • Build a target contact prospect list. Identify and profile prospects;
  • Conduct first contact visits to prospects;
  • Support relationship, training and communication flow with prospects and customers;
  • Support establishment of consulting contracts, service and payment processes;
  • Engage consultant in relationship actions such as seminars, congresses, presentations, articles;
  • Manage marketing campaigns and responses;

    and further specific processes for operating within the Brazilian market.

Service organizations / other companies ...Focused Outlook, Market Entry and Go-To-Market First Reach Plans are available for other organizations, oriented to start-up business or new products/services introduction in the Brazilian market. ... See more.




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