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How Who Reach is a consultancy aimed to support companies, organizations, consulting experts / companies and academics in market reach and business development, primarily focused in the Brazilian market.

Strategic Thinking, Business Models, Business Intelligence, Decision Mapping, Product/Service Concept development, Market Entry strategy and reach, Go-To-Market Plan, Presence on new media, Tools and Channels in developing a relationship with the market.

Market Entry Strategy and Reach ... Our team leverages consultants expertise, resources and networking capabilities along with a broad range of external information resources to develop a comprehensive market entry plan. We conduct custom engagements with a decision mapping process to uncover opportunities, evaluate alternatives, and guide your strategy decision process.

Decision Value and Reach Mapping ... Decision Value and Reach Mapping is a process thinking tool we use together with SWOT analysis to clarify opportunities, evaluate relationship strongholds, generate strategic and tactical options, and refine those options. Immediate action is based on what we know now, management drivers and preferences, then identifying, if required, the must-have strategic marketing information to move forward with effective decisions.

Service and Product Concept Development ... Collaborate with your team to have an appropriate market approach, generate product positioning, high-impact concepts for communication, brand positioning, pricing strategy, or product / service design strategy.

Go-to-Market Plan ... Go-to-Market Plans move decisions and strategy into action. We play the role in facilitating and accelerating execution by working with your internal team and resources in a practical yet information-based manner. We hold the strategic intention to ensure that execution matches the intended strategy. As needed, we build in tracking metrics to measure market success.

We help define your goal and provide the marketing strategy and relationship resources to achieve it. Whether it?s to open new market segments, retain and attract customers, or launch a new product / service, we outline what activities to do, when to do them and for how long.

If you run a small or medium-size business we know you have many demands on your time. That?s why we break your marketing plan into manageable steps that you can accomplish around your other priorities. And we provide coaching and support to help you implement them ? on time, in full, on budget and to a high standard.

Need a focused Marketing and Business Entry Team?

We can become your local marketing and business development department. Plan, bring together resources and act to put in place your marketing communication process and business relationship development.




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