Project Reach was conceived to:

  • Bring into perspective opportunity scenarios;

  • Bring together the different parties within the context of developing opportunities;

  • Provide an environment for collaboration, ideation and synergy.


Project Reach, is designed to facilitate the exploitation of selected opportunity sources, within a collaborative and diversified environment, to provide insights on how build and walk through opportunity roadmaps.

The project is developed by in-company and diversified teams, stimulated by a collaborative construction methodology, addressing opportunity analysis sources such as: Internal Competences & Resources, Technology, Legal and Market Scenarios, Business Models and, Communication and Relationship Processes. These sources exploitation, focus on the organization and individual aspects.

Project Reach looks forward to explore and establish relationship between company`s teams and other professionals and organizations within a focused value chain, for instance, technology research centers, startups, business, technical and legal consultancies, academia and trade associations.


The project is conducted over three distinct stages, through periodic workshop sessions:

Stage 1

On the first stage the In-company team is led, through weekly workshops, to form insights of the opportunities scenario within the opportunity sources. Workshops may be held at the company quarters or at other environments, such as technology institutes or other related facility. At choice, workshops may be performed joining the In-Company team with other outside teams, looking for diversified views and relationship with potential competence sources.

Workshops in stage 1 explore, through combined ideation and correlation methodologies, the following topics:

  • Mapping of company's competences

  • Unfold opportunity scenarios provided by "Game Changers" technologies.

  • Evaluate market through mapping and BI technics

  • Overview of different business models and process analysis

  • Exposure to paths within communication and relationship processes

    Preparation for Stage 2:

  • Definition of focused project scope

Stage 2

At Stage 2 the In-Company team narrows its focus to inside or adjacent fields related to the actual or for coming company business. Opportunity sources are explored focused on specific technologies and market segments. Internal Insights are organized to outline roadmaps.

  • Analysis of specified technological and legal scenarios (internal analysis);

  • Structuring of market analysis project with specified focus;

  • Resources and Competencies correlation with scenarios (internal analysis);

  • Business models ideation and correlation oriented to specified focus;

  • Draw improvement paths in the communication and relationship processes - explore company,
    team and individual processes;

    Preparation for Stage 3:

  • Project summary and open questions;

  • Required additional expertise and resources;

  • Outline, attract strategy and structuring of external interaction / group;

Stage 3

Use external interaction to explore, validate alternatives paths, built relationship with potential partners.

  • Combined internal and external analysis of stage 2 topics and open questions;

  • Prepare project consolidated analysis, opportunity paths, recommendations, next steps.

Project Reach completes its cycle, providing the opportunities roadmaps to be integrated into a next level project, within a 3 to 6 months period.




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